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Food City Bristol Dirt Line Up

Mother Nature led the way on Saturday at the Bristol Motor Speedway as all events were canceled for the evening. Both Camping World Truck Series and Cup Series Qualifying heats were canceled, so both series will line up with the usual qualifying formula. The Cup series will run at 3:30ET/2:30CT with the trucks at 9:00ET/8:00CT on Sunday, however the weather does not look promising. Here's how they'll line up in the Cup Series:

and the Camping World Trucks. Ryan Newman will not make the field since the heat races were not run. All other cup drivers entered will make it.

NASCAR also announced Saturday some adjustments to the competition rules for the weekend.


  • Stages will now end on Lap 100, Lap 200 and Lap 250.

  • There will be a competition caution on Laps 50 and Lap 150. Caution laps will not count once NASCAR sends the free pass car around.

Tires Allotment

  • Each team will receive an additional set of tires.

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