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Fulfilling a Dream

Chase McCabe named Nashville Superspeedway PA Announcer alongside Joe Williams

Original Nashville Superspeedway PA Announcer, Joe Williams returns to the booth along side ESPN 102.5 the Game & Chasing Checker Radio's, Chase McCabe to call the action as NASCAR returns to Nashville.

I knew at a very young age that there was something about NASCAR that I really liked. I wasn't sure at 5 years old if it was simply the speed, the beating and banging or the black #3 that moved everyone out of the way, but there was something that drew me in. As I grew older that like turn into a love. I was about 8 years old when I went to my first race out at the Nashville Fairgrounds. There were late models, legends cars and others, but hearing the roar of the engines, smelling the rubber and exhaust for the first time was an amazing feeling. When I figured out what I wanted to do with a career, it was a thrill to have my love of racing and my job cross paths. The first time was at an event that featured then Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher and 4 time Cup series champion, Jeff Gordon. A few months later, I was in Daytona for my first Daytona 500 with my co-host on 102.5 the Game, Darren McFarland, and long time racing analyst, Liz Allison.

The dream was becoming a reality.

So fast forward to now. In early March I had walked into Bridgestone Arena to get ready for a Preds game. I got a call from Erik Moses, the President of the Nashville Superspeedway. I had this feeling when I answered the call that it was going to be a good one. That's when he asked "how would you like to do PA for us?"

I had never met Erik at that point, but he had been on Darren, Daunic & Chase and Chasing Checkers a few times. It was truly an honor for him to think of me after a short amount of time, but also to see how much I truly love 1. my city, Nashville and 2. NASCAR. Keeping it a secret was VERY difficult, but I am thrilled we got to announce it today.

Having Erik join us on Darren, Daunic & Chase was awesome and the outpouring of support was even better. People that know me know how big of a deal this truly is for me. I have grown a lot in my radio career and to now combine my two loves once again is going to be thrilling. I'm equally as thrilled to work alongside Joe Williams. Joe was one of the original voices of the Nashville Superspeedway, so to learn from a veteran like him is going to be great. I can tell already we are going to get along with our love of motorsports.

If you have listened to me for a good while you will know that I always try to say "thank you" every chance I get. I know I did not get to where I am alone. I put in a lot of hard work, but having people help me along the way has truly been a blessing. Working with Darren and Liz in those early days helped me hone my skills and also recognize that I could really do something with my love of racing. Thus, this website and show.

Thanks to Erik Moses, Gary Camp, Greg Herring, Mike Tatoian and everyone involved with Nashville Superspeedway and Dover Motorsports for taking a shot on me. I won't let you down.

Finally, thanks to all of you who listen, read, follow and support me on a daily basis. Let's go have some fun Nashville!


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