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Cup Series Entry List: Bristol Dirt

Below is the NASCAR Cup Series entry list for the Food City Bristol Dirt Race. The qualifying format will feature 4 heat races that will be run on Saturday. Here are all of the rules:

Heat Race Starting Lineup – Random draw determines heat race designation and starting position for the heat race. The draw will be in order of current owner points.

Qualifying Heat Races – Four qualifying races held at 15 laps each with only green flag laps counted – no overtime rule. Free pass and wave around procedures will be in effect.

Passing Points – Drivers will accumulate points in the heat races based on finishing position and passing points. The points total determines the starting position for the feature event.

Passing Points = The difference between assigned starting position and finishing position

Go forward – accumulate passing points

Go backward or finish where you started – zero passing points

Tiebreaker – Owner Points

Feature – Lineup based on combined points of Heat Race finishing position and passing points. Feature race will be 250 laps (NCWTS: 150 laps) divided into three stages (NCS: 75/150/250) / (NCWTS: 40/90/150). Running order will be frozen at the conclusion of each stage. During the stage breaks, teams can change tires, add fuel and make adjustments to their cars/trucks. These non-competitive pit stops must be completed in a time designated by NASCAR (TBD). No fuel or tires except at stage breaks. (Note: Teams will not be required to pit during the stage breaks. Teams that elect not to pit will re-start ahead of teams that pitted. Re- start order determined by the freeze at the conclusion of the preceding stage)

Additional Event Highlights – Choose rule will not be in effect for the Bristol Dirt race. The overtime rules, free pass and wave around procedures will be in effect.

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